Waveland’s Ground Zero Hurricane Museum

Take a scenic look through the lives and struggles of survivors of Hurricanes. Coastal life is sometimes stormy, but coastal people have the resilience to survive and thrive even in the face of great natural adversity. This museum gives visitors a unique perspective on the stories, art, and fabric of the lives of those who stand up in times of trouble and rebuild.


Hurricane Katrina has been called the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.  Waveland, Mississippi was Ground Zero.  Katrina’s winds and tsunami-like surge devoured dozens of lives and tens of thousands of homes across the coast, leaving behind devastation and heartbreak on a scale that stunned the world.
But that’s only half of the story.  Fueled with courage, bolstered by humor and lifted up by an unprecedented number of volunteers who poured in from around the country, the people of the Mississippi coast began to rebuild their lives and their towns.  Our museum is not a memorial to a  disaster, but a tribute to the strength and beauty of the human spirit.
 An exhibit “Backyards and Beyond” by H.C. Porter, sponsored by Mississippi Power, opened on August 29th, 2015. This exhibit shares stories of survival and recovery. The subjects of the paintings are accompanied by audio interviews.

Waveland Ground Zero Museum

Renovations to Waveland’s Ground Zero Museum have been completed.

The Museum is open.
Days & Hours are:
Tuesday Thru Saturday
10 AM ’til 3 PM

Thanks for your continued interest in Waveland’s Ground Zero Museum.

335 Coleman Avenue
Waveland Misssissippi 39576
Phone: 228 467-9012

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Thank you MS Gulf Coast heritage area for focusing on Waveland’s Ground Zero Hurricane Museum

If you guessed the answer to yesterday's Passport Stamp trivia question was the Ground Zero Hurricane Museum in Waveland, Mississippi, you are correct! This museum gives visitors a unique perspective ... See more

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Shirley Turcotte stopped by the Ground Zero Hurricane Museum only to find her May Queen Festival picture while attending school in Waveland. Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories with us Ms. ... See more

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Mr. Glen T Bourgeois, a visitor to the Museum, Took a stroll down Memory Lane when he found pictures of his grandfather while a student at the School. Thank you Glen for sharing your history with us.

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Mailboxes set up for citizens to receive their mail.can get their mail.

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Come to the Museum and enjoy the new fall colors.

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Can you help us?
We are looking for pictures of the following places before the storm: Jack’s Restaurant, Dempsey’s, the Post Office, The Hair Junction, That Cute Little Shop.
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In case you wanted to know:

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center has issued its outlook for Winter. It could be a mild one for much of the United States, with above-average temperatures most likely ... See more

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Our thoughts are with the citizens affected by Hurricane Michael.

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